Jamie Hawthorne, Founder of theZAP Global Digital Public Park™By way of introduction, I am Jamie Hawthorne, Founder of theZAP Global Digital Public Park™.

My awakening to the importance of putting mass audience content with purpose and value behind the omnipresent screens happened in 2007. theZAP is the result of many years of knitting together everything good and positive about technology and media in a way that serves humanity.

The foundational business model of theZAP is a mirror of our country’s great public parks: Central Park, Golden Gate Park, etc. As our first step, we are establishing theZAP Conservancy (501)(c)(6) to protect the integrity of our mission with a promise to provide a roadmap (or a tool-kit, stepping stones) that will guide people into the digital future with transparency, authenticity, purpose and hope.

At this time we are establishing the architectural landscape designs to bring to life this important public digital infrastructure, our world’s first Global Digital Public Park™.

theZAP is a human-centered, networked platform designed to engage all people and all sectors of society in a hopeful and purposeful common narrative about new technologies and how to use them to benefit our lives.

We focus on skills that will be necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing, interconnected global community. Since every great community in the world is united by a public park (a public green space) that serves as a hub for recreation, relaxation, entertainment, enlightenment and as a pause from the fragmented chaos of busy cities, it is increasingly necessary that we build a Digital Public Park™ for our interconnected digital global community with these same intentions in mind. Steve Jobs likened the computer to a “bicycle for the mind.” In a way, the time spent on today’s mind bicycles is often akin to aimlessly riding through dangerous, chaotic, crowded city streets without a map, while horns are honking at your every move. theZAP offers people a curated, purposeful and thoughtful place to ride our mind bikes — a digital green-space that serves as a strategic road map into a digital future filled with hope, purpose, and value. This Global Digital Public Park™ will allow all people to to safely and playfully ride our mind bikes toward common knowledge, creativity, understanding, and insight, all the while empowering the human spirit.

The Zap - Our World's Digital Public Park

theZAP is designed using three theories:

First we believe that if the internet, along with advanced technologies of the near future, are going to impact the world in positive ways, then ALL people must be able to understand how to use these innovations to the benefit of our lives.

Secondly, we believe that the buyers of the massive data sets (advertisers) are as responsible for using this data to enhance people’s quality of life as the sellers collecting the data for them. theZAP introduces a game-changing ‘sane advertising’ business strategy that will benefit corporations and people and society equally.

Finally, we believe that digital equality, a person’s ability to gain awareness and understanding of how to use technology in ways that add value to our lives, is the most important issue of the 21st century.

Considering how mass audiences use the technologies of today, in order to reach them with this essential conversation, we must present a trendy, engaging, fun-loving, and curated lifelong learning experience on a vibrant, playful digital platform designed to nurture knowledge about technology and humanity. A platform fueled by pop-culture, entertainment, interactive and real world events where learning skills to thrive as humans in a digitized world is part of the fun, and peer-to-peer learning becomes a byproduct of the the vibrant, playful community.